LinuxConsole 2.4

Site : http://www.linuxconsole.org/
Download : http://www.linuxconsole.org/





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Linux Console 2.4 Documentation | LinuxConsole.org


To use LinuxConsole, you will need a PC


You CPU should be PAE compliant for LinuxConsole 2.4

If you have errors with no-PAE CPU, you can try LinuxConsole 2.3 no-PAE


Those values are for liveCD usage (without swap),  with hard disk install and swap enabled, performances should be better

  • 128 Mo de RAM for basic usage (gparted)
  • 512 Mo de RAM to browse internet
  • 1Go de RAM to play SupertuxKart

32 or 64 bits ?

It is recommended to use 32 bits release, if you neeed Skype or Steam (LinuxConsole is not multilib compliant).

The 64 bits release is released as Beta.


LinuxConsole Release11

[2016-08-25] LinuxConsole 2.5
[2015-06-15] LinuxConsole 2.4
[2014-02-25] LinuxConsole 2.0
[2007-02-10] LinuxConsole 1.0.82