REMnux 6.0

Site : https://remnux.org/
Download : http://sourceforge.net/projects/remnux/files/version6/







ý ġ ּ 䱸 ( https://remnux.org/docs/distro/get/ )


Get the REMnux Distro - REMnux Docs

If you’d like to build a REMnux system from scratch, use the Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit minimal ISO as the starting point. If building a virtual machine, allocate at least 1GB of RAM and 25GB disk (more recommended). When going through the Ubuntu installer, consider creating the user named “remnux” with the password “malware”, though any credentials will work. For step-by-step instructions, see the screenshots of the Ubuntu installation steps.



Filename : remnux-6.0-ova-public.ova

REMnux Release11

[2020-07-23] REMnux 7
[2015-06-08] REMnux 6.0
[2014-05-22] REMnux 5.0
[2014-05-22] REMnux 5.0
[2013-04-16] REMnux 4.0